Ages and Stages


The most critical part of a child’s life – the first five years – is under the control of you, the parents. By ‘control’ I mean that you have the opportunity – and the obligation – to profoundly shape your child’s development. Children don’t simply grow up by themselves – and when they do, it’s […]

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Parenting is Something Most All of Us Do


Although parenting is something most all of us do, and is perhaps the most crucial career of any we’ll ever have, we don’t do a good job of teaching people how to be parents. We give parents lots of advice after the fact, and there are literally thousands of websites and parenting magazines that offer […]

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Executive Function


The development of the prefrontal cortex, located in the front part of our brains, is critical for developing the emotional and cognitive capabilities required for self-regulation and what we call Executive Function – the ability to plan, concentrate, solve problems, and control our behaviors.

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Raising smart kids is an intensely personal undertaking. A child’s very first connection to the world is through their parents – if this relationship is positive, they will view the world as a positive; and if not, then the world will be a negative place. This difference in viewpoints will have a profound effect on […]

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